SM Watch Wholesale is a reputable company with an excellent product range.  We have over 30 years of experience and a highly motivated team.  Our products include alarm clocks, diamond testers, wall clocks, watch batteries, watch straps, watchmaker tools, clock movements, Farah watches, gold scales, gold testers, jewellery cleaners, renata batteries and watch spares. We wholesale watches of the finest quality.

Want to start your day off right! look no further.... At SM Watch we have a wide range of alarm clocks designed to wake you up from your deepest sleep or just to be used as a reminder. The alarm clocks use sound, light or sensors. Our wide range includes from classic clocks to modern clocks.

Diamonds have been imitated by artificial materials for many years. There are very advanced artificial simulants which have properties that closely resemble diamonds. The diamond tester uses an electronic thermal probe to separate diamonds from their imitations. The probes consists of a pair of battery powered thermistors mounted in a fine copper tip. The probes convert the level of thermal conductivity into a positive or negative test for diamonds. Diamonds are an extremely effective thermal conductor whereas the simulants are thermal insulators so the diamond tester is able to rule out all other simulants.

The wall clock is one of the oldest human inventions meeting the need to consistently measure intervals of time. Our range includes grandfather wall clocks to contemprorary clocks.

The watch batteries are small single cell batteries usually used to power small portable electronic devices such as wrist watchespocket calculators etc.  We are also stockists of renata batteries in South Africa.

We sell watch straps ranging from leather to metal straps, watchmaker tools and clock movements. The collection of gears inside a mechanical clock moves a clock hand. Powered by weights or springs the movements of clock mechanisms keep accurate time.

Our range also includes gold scalesgold testers and jewellery cleaners. The gold testers can be invaluable in helping you filter through imitations and gold plated items.  In order to prevent build up of dirt and prevent jewellery from becoming tarnished our jewellery claeners can be very useful.

We are dealers of watch spares and manufacture our own brand of watches known as Farah Watches.